Executive Director and Food Service Manager

Jim and Andrea arrived at South Cottonwood Canyon in 1995 toting their one-year old daughter and anticipating the birth of their second child. Over the course of the next 22 years their family grew – they now have a total of five immediate children and countless college and high school students who have spent their summers with them at camp. Jim is the Executive Director and Andrea, after having raised their five children, has once again acquired the position of Head Cook. Both of them consider camp to be one of the greatest blessings of their lives and are thrilled to continue in God’s Kingdom work at YAA!


Operations Manager, Media Support and Full-Time Dad

David and Naomi have been involved with camp ministry here and YAA and other places for most of their lives. Over the past few years, the Burleigh’s have given a great deal of prayer and consideration to a transition into full-time camping ministry here at YAA. The family of 5 relocated here to Bozeman, MT to begin their full-time position in the Spring of 2019. Naomi is working as our Operations Manager and is eager to make improvements that will take YAA to the next level. David is offering his skills and support in Media while also being full-time Dad at home.


Program Coordinator

Max’s first introduction to Yellowstone Alliance Adventures was during the summer of 2012 as a Timothy Student leader. That first summer opened his eyes to the power of camp ministry and the value of outdoor education. 8 years later, Max is in his second year as full-time Program Coordinator. Max is passionate about the impacts of camp ministry on the lives of the campers and equally passionate about giving back to the seasonal Timothy and Joshua students who are experiencing YAA for the first time just like Max did 8 years ago.