Yellowstone Alliance Adventures began in the mind of Rev. Harold Erickson who at the time was the pastor of the Belgrade Alliance Church. In the late 1950’s Harold had a great desire for a camp setting where he could take the families of his congregation for a few days. In the first few years, the camp bounced between location that could be borrowed for the days needed.

Early on it was clear that a permanent location would be desirable and the idea was shared. Dr. Richard Nollmeyer, a practicing physician in Bozeman and member of the Belgrade Church, was quick to pick up on the vision and made some property available. It was 1961 when our Lord laid it upon the heart of Doc Nollmeyer and his wife to donate 80 acres of land to the Rocky Mountain District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and its Central Montana Camping Zone. Finally, the vision for Yellowstone Bible Camp found its permanent home.

The idea immediately proved its worth when summer youth camps for the children of Alliance churches began filling up and families flocked to summer outings. Workers came from far and wide to assist in the building of the new district camp. Gradually, but with a certainty of God’s leading, Yellowstone Bible Camp began to take form.

As the word about the camp spread, various churches and Christian organizations began to inquire about renting the facilities. The idea to start developing the facilities into a retreat center seemed to be a good direction to move in and soon, after much prayer and discussion, the Rocky Mountain Conference Center was born.

The two organizations functioned separately until 1995 when the two boards came together, under the direction of Rev. Jim Stumbo, and decided to unite the two ministries into one. A search was conducted for one person who would manage both simultaneously. On July 15, 1995, Jim Hawthorne, together with his wife Andrea and daughter Jessica, arrived at our camp, and Jim became the first director of YBC/RMCC.

One of the initial hurdles was how to overcome the distinction of the two separate ministries. This process was not an easy one to work through as both had become well established. It was during the November Board meeting of 1996 when all deliberations came to an end as a new name for our organization was adopted. Now Yellowstone Bible Camp and the Rocky Mountain Conference Center were formally united into what is currently known as Yellowstone Alliance Adventures.


We are affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance

What The Christian & Missionary Alliance believes about God, how He relates to us, and how we relate to Him is foundational in its teachings. The Christian & Missionary Alliance wholeheartedly serves God and the people of His world, based soundly on the Bible. We live and die by these words and believe they bring the only life worth living—one wholly committed to the King Jesus.