I. Key Characteristics of the C&MA’s Faith Community and Mission.

The Yellowstone Alliance Adventures (YAA) camp and retreat center is a community of faith that exists to exercise and express its biblical beliefs within the broader community of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA).  These beliefs are grounded in a shared understanding of the Bible and those standards specifically addressed in the Manual of the C&MA.

A. The C&MA’s Biblical Beliefs.

  1. Statement of Faith. See Appendix #1.
  2. Statement of Mission and Values. See Appendix #2.

B. Representatives and Other Participants.

Representatives of YAA are the officers, directors, employees, licensed workers and volunteer leaders.  Other Participants include other members and volunteers who may contribute to the faith community but have not been designated to represent it.

C. Christian Exercise and Expression.

  1. As a Community: The local church is the visible organized expression of the Body of Christ with the responsibility to live according to the Bible and as a community of faith.
  2. As an Act of Worship. All of YAA’s activities and the responsibilities of every member and employee should be rendered in service to God as a form of worship.

II. Christian Community Standards.

A. General Standards.

All activities and use of YAA facilities shall be consistent with its biblical beliefs and mission.  While YAA may provide services, goods, or the use of its facilities to other groups or persons, no activity or facility use will be permitted if it is determined that such use or activity is contrary to the biblical beliefs and mission of YAA.

B. Specific Concerns.

For many years the C&MA has had concerns with many of the cultural and legal trends in North America, including the subjects of divorce, marriage, human sexuality, and the sanctity of life.

  1. Marriage and Human Sexuality. See Appendix #3.
  • YAA believes that God creates human beings in His image as two distinct genders, male and female, and that the intended gender identity of an individual is determined by such individual’s biological sex at birth. YAA applies this belief regarding gender identity in all of its policies and programs.
  • YAA believes that God has instituted marriage as a covenant relationship between one man and one woman. YAA recognizes only such marriages for all its policies and programs.
  • YAA believes that sexual desire is rightfully fulfilled only within marriage and that unmarried singles who abstain from sex can be whole, mature persons, as pleasing to God as persons who are faithful in marriage.
  1. Sanctity of Life. See Appendix #4 and Appendix #5.
  • YAA believes that all life is sacred from conception to death, that individuals are known by God from before the foundation of the world, that human life begins at conception, and that death is under the sovereignty of God and not man.
  • Therefore YAA opposes abortion except in rarest of circumstances where other biblical, moral principles prevail, such as where it is medically impossible to save the life of both the mother and child.
  • Similarly YAA opposes euthanasia and prohibits paying for or facilitating such procedures.
  • YAA shall not fund abortions in any manner or participate in any health care benefit plan which does.
  • Any requirement to facilitate abortions or euthanasia and any penalty for failing to participate in such a program would directly and substantially burden and undermine YAA’s exercise and expression of its biblical beliefs.
  1. Religious Activities.
  • YAA engages in both exclusive religious activities (i.e. worship services or pastoral counseling) and integrated religious activities (i.e. activities similar to those offered by non-religious organizations for the benefit of society).  All activities are conducted to promote its mission and in accordance with its biblical beliefs.  YAA will not receive funds or other benefits that restrict its right to operate in such manner.

C. Implementation.

YAA may establish additional standards in order to promote its mission or build its community.